Gujarat govt. withdraws more cases against Patidars

A review committee headed by Chief Minister Anandiben Patel in its meeting on July 29, decided to withdraw 182 additional cases after the community leaders repeatedly urged the State government to “sy Read more:


15 Insane Things People Have Found In Their Attics…Why Is Everything So Creepy?!

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If you had to pick the creepiest part of your house, you’d probably end up with either the basement or the attic. These are the two areas in most homes where nightmares live. Usually, these fears are just figments of our imagination, but occasionally they turn out to be real. While you’ve probably read about […]


This Little Creature Is Kind Of Cute…But What In The World Is It?

There are some really weird animals out there, especially of the insect variety. I’m used to seeing photos of all kinds of strange insects from places like rainforests around the world. One thing that always shocks me, though, is when I find out about an animal that exists in my neck of the woods that […]