13 Signs You Were Born In 1986

This is the only way you’ll know for sure.

1. Your birth certificate says you were born in 1986.


2. And you’re turning 29 this year.

3. Which means you’re having a minor crisis over turning 30 really soon.


4. You’re determined to make the most out of the last year of your 20s.




5. But also mildly stressed about the fact you haven’t achieved everything you wanted to by now.


6. You also feel really weird about no longer being amongst the youngest people in your office.


7. In fact, you get a shock when a co-worker casually mentions they were born in the ’90s.




THE ‘90S!!

8. And you’re horrified to realise that people born in the ‘00s are TEENAGERS now.

Comedy Central

9. You’re slowly losing touch with ~youth culture~.


10. Your 10-year high school reunion has long since come and gone.


11. You’ve now been an adult for about as long as you were a child or a teenager.


12. But you remain young at heart (a.k.a. in denial that you’re actually a grown up).


13. And you’re a goddamn tiger.

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