19 Surprisingly Delicious Meals You Can Make With Tuyo

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When it comes to tuyo — or dried fish from the Philippines — there are two kinds of people in this world: those who like it, and those who’ve yet to taste it.

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1. Creamy Tuyo Pesto

Just look at that tuyo chilling in the middle of the pasta. NOMZ. Get the recipe.

2. Spicy Tuyo Puttanesca

Salty and spice and everything nice. Get the recipe.

3. Spicy Tuyo Pasta with Olives, Capers, and Kesong Puti

Yummy magazine / Photography by David Hanson / Recipe development and food styling by Sharlene Tan / Via yummy.ph

You can substitute mozzarella cheese for kesong puti, but who doesn’t like kesong puti, ‘di ba? Get the recipe.

4. Roasted Tuyo and Tomato Linguine

Peachy Adarne of The Peach Kitchen / Via thepeachkitchen.com

Perpek for our vegetarian prends. Get the recipe.

5. Creamy Tuyo and Eggplant Pasta

Eggplant, yum. Creamy pasta, yum. Tuyo, MASARAP! Get the recipe.

6. Tuyo and Calamansi Pasta

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If you don’t know what to do with the extra calamansi you bought at the palengke, then you should definitely try this one out. Get the recipe.

7. Tuyo Aglio Olio

Let it be known that tuyo + pasta = a match made in heaven. Get the recipe.

8. Spanish Style Tuyo Sardines

Photographer : Raymund Macaalay / Via angsarap.net

For the times when you’re craving for tuyo in the middle of the night and you just need to have it right here, right now. Get the recipe.

9. Tuyo Frittata

This version has potatoes and mushrooms but you could definitely add any vegetable you want. Get the recipe.

10. Seafood Adobo with Tuyo Vinaigrette

Seafood on seafood is always a good idea, tbh. Get the recipe.

11. Pan Oven-grilled Tuyo Pizza

Ditch the pepperoni, you guys. Get the recipe.

12. Tuyo and Onion Baguette Pizza

For all the ~bagets~ out there. Get the recipe.

13. Sinigang na Tuyo with Longganisa

Ihahain na namin ang Sintulong o Sinigang na tuyo with Longganisa. Perfect na pananghalian mamaya! #UnangHirit

— UnangHirit (@Unang Hirit)

Sounds weird on paper but wait ‘til it reaches your tastebuds. Pass the patis, please! Get the recipe.

14. Asian Orzo Breakfast Salad

Feel free to substitute orzo with any kind of pasta you have. Oh, and you could totally cook this with just a microwave! Get the recipe.

15. French Beans and Tuyo Salad

Gourmet? Grabe! Get the recipe.

16. Tuyo Fried Rice

Or if you’re on a no-carb diet, try cauliflower rice, then toss in the tuyo before serving. Get the recipe.

17. Spicy Tuyo Rice with Green Mango Salsa

The mango and the tuyo make for a salty-savory-sweet combo that packs a punch. Get the recipe.

18. Grilled Cheese and Tuyo Sandwich with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Serve this with a side of cassava/potato chips and you have the perfect merienda. Get the recipe.

19. Champorado and Tuyo Amaretto Shots

Akala n’yo there’s no dessert recipe for tuyo, ‘no? Think salted caramel sundae, but more filling with BOOZE. Get the recipe.

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