21 Oddly Useful Inventions That You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Right Now

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Have you ever seen something that you didn’t know you needed until you saw it? It happens to everyone, and it is super frustrating to see that wonderful thing and not be able to afford it. It would make your life so much easier and more fun, but your funds just aren’t there.

Well, thanks to the good people of Odditymall.com, there are a ton of amazing inventions out there that will help you satiate that have-to-have-it feeling at an affordable price!

1. Silicone drinking glasses.

These glasses bend and twist so you really can’t break them. They are perfect to use while you’re camping, or while you’re throwing a party with friends you can’t trust around stemware.

2. International charger.

With just a twist, this charger will allow you to power your laptop almost anywhere in the world.

3. License plate hider.

This license plate hider might get you in trouble with the law, but if you accidentally run a red light near one of those irritating cameras, this could come in handy.

4. A bowl that’s always cool.

This bowl is always ready to be touched, even after taking it out of the microwave.

5. Rad bike spokes.

These bike spokes will help you create an awesomely unique light display next time you’re pedaling to work.

6. Cookie dunker.

A magnetic cookie holder that you can lower as your milk gets lower. I need this right now.

7. Magnetic finger glove.

Never lose an IKEA screw again with this awesome gadget.

8. Phone glove polish.

Hate having to take your gloves off to text in the winter, but don’t feel like buying a special pair that’s designed for typing? Have no fear! This polish will help you make any pair of gloves text friendly.

9. Phone case that’s also a lighter and bottle opener.

Pretty self-explanatory, but so awesome.

10. A laundry bag that you can beat the crap out of.

There are few things more stressful than going to do your laundry and realizing that there are no machines available. Take out your aggression on this awesome punching bag that’ll also hold your clothes.

11. Jeep hammock.

Have a nice, relaxing snooze on top of your Jeep with this awesome roof hammock.

12. Magnetic stickers.

These magnetic stickers allow you to hang up your knives just about anywhere in your house.

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13. Key multi-tool.

Carry this multi-purpose tool around everywhere you go!

14. Suction phone charger.

It sticks to the back of your phone so you’ll never have to worry about loose charger cords again.

15. Smiling dog muzzle.

If you need to muzzle your pooch but don’t want to make him look like a meanie, this is perfect.

16. Air hockey you can play anywhere.

This air hockey set makes it possible to play everyone’s favorite arcade game on any flat surface.

17. Reheatza.

Reheat your pizza without all that sogginess with the Reheatza. Put it in the microwave, and your pizza will be as fresh as it was the day you bought it.

18. Floating lamps.

These lamps are perfect for illuminating your pool on a hot summer night.

19. Umbrella stand that tells you the weather.

If you’re uncertain about whether or not to bring an umbrella with you, this stand will let you know if there’s a chance of rain in your area.

20. Skateboards from the future.

Stick this device to the bottom of any skateboard to create a sweet, self-propelling board.

21. Tennis ball selfie case.

This invention makes it super easy to take selfies with your dog because Fido will be focused on the tennis ball that’s on top of the phone.

(via Oddity Mall)

These products are extremely awesome and I want them all. They’ll make perfect holiday gifts!

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