23 Of The Cutest, Most Snuggly Adopted Pets On The Internet

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I’ve always loved animals — domesticated, wild, fluffy, furless — but a certain type of critter has a special spot in my heart: adopted pets. A few years ago, I brought a rescued dog into my home and I haven’t looked back since. While there’s nothing wrong with responsible, kind, and good-natured breeders and their animals (they still need homes!), there’s something so special about the love a rescued pet has to offer.

1. For one thing, they’re so grateful to have a loving family — they may not have known human kindness beforehand.

2. This poor boy was about to be put down before his forever family saved him.

3. They are loyal — almost to annoyance. (Just kidding, we love you guys!)

4. Sometimes you can complete your family with another one of their family members!

5. This guy adopted Blinky but felt bad for not getting his sister — he went back for Coco the next day!

6. They may not always look like the breed you wanted, but that makes them even more beautiful!

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7. Their unique colorings only adds to their adorable personalities.

8. We’re pretty sure this guy actually adopted a bear, though.

9. Sure, sometimes our other pets aren’t *initially* crazy about the idea. But they’ll grow to love each other.

10. These two don’t even know they’re not related!

11. Eventually, they become incredibly protective of one another.

12. This old fellow made the new puppy feel comfortable right off the bat.

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13. Finding your best friend is the best feeling.

14. Some are left in shelters simply because of a breed misconception — oohh, so scary! So snuggly.

15. No matter how young…

16. Or old…

17. Big or small, adopted pets are so appreciative to be going home with you.

18. They all have adorable quirks — this guy hasn’t figured out stairs yet.

19. Hank here doesn’t care that he doesn’t look like his siblings.

20. But adoption isn’t just for our smaller furry buddies.

21. And no two pets have the same path to the shelter — this dog was once a Russian guard dog, but needed a home nonetheless.

22. Don’t be scared off by their looks initially — with TLC and a bath, they show their true, beautiful colors.

23. Lucy says THANKS to everyone who has adopted rather than shopped!

There you have it, friends! Adopted pets are sure to wiggle, crawl, or roll their way right into your heart. Better make room!

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