25 Night Lights That’ll Make Sure Your Kids Are Never Scared Of The Dark Again

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Do you remember that uneasy feeling you got as a kid whenever you tiptoed down the dark hallway late at night?

We’re conditioned to fear what we can’t see from early on, and most of us carry that little twinge of terror with us well into adulthood. Whether you’re a full-fledged grownup with a secret fear of the dark or you have kids who are in the throes of this everyday nightmare, these adorable night lights should do the trick. More of a do-it-yourselfer? We have tons of options for you. Prefer to buy? No problem! There are plenty of adorable night lights to go around. Check these out!

1. This glitter-meets-Mason jar night light is perfect for kids and adults alike. Make one for the tiny diva in your life, and then make one for yourself. Live your best, sparkliest life.

2. Glue glass beads to an old wine bottle to recreate this stunning design.

3. These cloud luminaries will help your kiddos drift off to dreamland.

4. If you’re feeling extra crafty, cut custom night lights in your little ones’ favorite shapes to help them feel safe. You could use the same process to make light-up decor for the rest of the house, too!

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5. Photo night lights are always a hit!

6. For the Tinkerbell lovers in your life, these fairy-themed night lights are where it’s at.

7. Go solar with these easy, eco-friendly jar night lights.

8. No tutorial necessary for this simple, elegant design. Just grab yourself a Mason jar and some battery-operated fairy lights!

9. Have a country theme going on at home? Take a look at this birdhouse project.

10. Get a rustic vibe going with these tin can lanterns. Be sure to use battery-operated tea lights!

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11. Don’t throw that old coffee can out. With some paint and a drill, you can turn it into something brand new.

12. Transform basic glasses into beautiful galaxy lights.

13. This night light comes with portable components you can take to the bathroom (or the fridge) with you.

14. Don’t want to make your own Mason jar light? This is for you.

15. Get groovy with a psychedelic night light or two…or 10.

16. This one’s an adorable unicorn. I mean, come on.

17. Prepare for nighttime liftoff with this wooden rocket ship light.

18. Bring the moon inside.

19. Slay those industrial vibes with an amber and forged steel night light.

20. Rose quartz lamp? Sign me up.

21. This little owl light will keep you company in the dark.

22. These night lights double as pillows the kiddos can cling to when things go bump in the night.

23. If you don’t feel like making your own, order one of these custom photo lights!

24. Here we have the other unicorn’s sleeker cousin.

25. Any Star Wars fanatic would love this little guy.

Say goodbye to that boring plugin and welcome one of these beauties into your home. Because I don’t have a crafty bone in my body, I’ll opt for purchasing one, but if you make your own, let us know how it went!

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