A Heroic Young Boy Saved The Lives Of 6 People At The Expense Of His Own

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As an eight-year-old, Tyler Doohan had so much life left to live. But that future was cut short because the young boy became a hero.

Back in January 2014, Doohan was staying at his grandfather’s house for the weekend. He wanted to spend the long weekend with his family.

Unfortunately, a fire broke out. With no working smoke detector, the child ran around the house trying to wake up as many people as possible and get them outside. He ended up saving six lives that night. But when he went back for his disabled grandfather, the burden was too much. Sadly, they both succumbed to the flames.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q66E0a-Ge6w?autoplay=0]

(via CNN)

Like his mother said, it’s nice to think that Doohan passed on with his best friend at his side.

He saved the lives of multiple adults and children in his last moments on Earth. While that doesn’t bring him back, it leaves a lasting impression of his incredible character.

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