A Huge Line Of FedEx Trucks Seems Weird Until You See Why… Then It’s Tears All The Way.

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These heart-warming pictures were shared by a FedEx delivery driver on reddit. They show how hundreds FedEx Express drivers commemorated a fallen fellow employee and friend. They rounded up about 100 trucks to surprise his family by escorting the funeral procession to the cemetery.

The drivers rounded up all the trucks at the airport in Pittsburgh for the start of their journey.

One after one they started heading for the highway.

Their procession of FedEx trucks on the highway.

This was their fallen comrade, Mickey. His co-workers say he was an outstanding person and made a huge impact on all their lives.

Here they are at their destination, to surprise and escort Mickey’s family to the cemetery. Mickey’s family was happily surprised to see them all there to give their support. As you can imagine, everyone was in tears at this point.

What a lovely gesture by them all. I can imagine how proud the family might feel in seeing the respect being paid to their loved one by so many co-workers. So if you live in Pittsburgh and your package was a bit late last week, then this is probably why. I’d say it’s a worthy reason. Source: reddit Share this story with your friends below.

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