Abby Huntsman: ‘Tough to imagine’ Paul Ryan ‘exciting a Hispanic crowd’!/HuntsmanAbby/status/234294249988952065

Watch out, Meggie Mac! Another first daughter wannabe is treading on your turf with her vast knowledge of voter demographics.

C’mon. Abby’s an expert! Her dad Jon Huntsman Jr. knows all about exciting crowds.

@HuntsmanAbby oh really, and when did dad drop out? and his #'s were?

— Susan Patricia (@inserrawinter) August 11, 2012

Abby did manage to capture the attention of a few Twitter users. Naturally, they were liberals.

@HuntsmanAbby: Oh how we heart thee! #obama2012 #OFA #Obamaforamerica

— Bonita Applebaum (@CincoCento) August 11, 2012

Ryan seems like a nice guy, but tough to imagine him exciting a Hispanic crowd in Miami. #midwesthailmary — Abby Huntsman (@HuntsmanAbby)

— ProgressiveMuckraker (@ProgMuckraker) August 11, 2012

Paging MSNBC.

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