‘Absolutely insane’! Sen. Sanders heaps bogus praise on outgoing Sec. Shinseki [video]

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Hard lefty Bernie Sanders, chair of the Senate VA Committee, really isn’t happy about VA Secretary Shinseki’s resignation. Why? Because of all the good Shinseki has done for our veterans.

No, really:



When he came into office in 2009, do you know how the VA was processing claims? They were processing them by paper, if you can believe it. He had to transform that whole system into an electronic one, and right now, they have cut waiting lists in half, and they’re on their way to almost end waiting lists in the next year. That is no insignificant accomplishment.

That is no insignificant bullcrap, Senator. Veterans lucky enough even make it onto a waiting list have often languished for months waiting to be seen by VA physicians. Many have died waiting for appointments, in the Phoenix VA system alone. Cutting wait lists, Senator? More like cutting corners.

Just one question for him:


That’s rhetorical, of course.




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