Actor Dax Shepard freaks out about Hobby Lobby and ‘womb-controlling men’

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It’s a good thing “Parenthood” actor Dax Shepard isn’t given to idiotic hyperbole. He’s just oozing smart takes on the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision.!/daxshepard1/status/483858221308706817!/daxshepard1/status/483858803394617344!/daxshepard1/status/483859672848277505

Perhaps Shepard missed that Hobby Lobby’s health plan offers 16 types of copay-free birth control?!/daxshepard1/status/483861393200779264

Uh huh.!/daxshepard1/status/483865628722229248

The slopes … they’re so slippery.!/daxshepard1/status/483866622675800065


We can’t wait for Shepard’s wife, the always insightful Kristen Bell, to weigh in.

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