Ambassador Samantha Power names Assad in chemical weapons attacks!/AmbassadorPower/status/372195568627376128

Hours after Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the evidence of chemical weapons attacks on Syrian civilians was “undeniable,” U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power specifically named President Bashar al-Assad as responsible.!/AmbassadorPower/status/372196807415066624

Power’s predecessor, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, didn’t name Assad but did claim that only the Assad regime had the ability to launch chemical weapons.!/AmbassadorRice/status/372188581114437632!/RabbiKaufman/status/372201336558718976

This certainly isn’t the first batch of “haunting images” out of Syria, is it?!/Kurt053Kurt/status/372210332577439744!/johnabeck/status/372215079267082242

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