Amputation Couldn’t Hurt This Dog’s Joyful Spirit

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Guess the dog was a fun-loving and joyful companion. She loved to play fetch, spend time with her family and play with her best friend Remus. However, after severely injuring her leg, she almost lost all of that… if it wasn’t for her quick-thinking family.

Meet Guess. She is a happy and fun-loving Border Collie that faced some tough times.

Before the incident, she loved to play fetch and hang out with her best Border Collie friend Remus.

While digging under a chicken coop, she severely hurt her leg. She was in immediate pain from the injury and her parents needed to bandage her leg and take her to an emergency vet for x-rays.

It turns out, she ruptured her back left Achilles tendon, which had also broken the socket of her back left hock joint. The vet told us the only option was a $5000 surgery or to put her down.

Putting Guess down was NOT an option.

Their family vet agreed that the expensive surgical option was their only hope. Our vet also told us that as Guess had also ruptured the socket of her hock joint, she would likely suffer from crippling Arthritis later in life, even with the corrective surgery… unless they amputated the leg.

Everyone agreed that it was her best interest to amputate the leg. The next week Guess was booked in for her amputation and spent one and a half days at the vet surgery. She was given a full course of antibiotics and pain medication.

She went back home the following night, was in complete shock, whimpering, and was not the same dog.

Her owners worried they put her through a traumatic surgery for nothing…

But then, in the morning, Guess was smiling again. She was without the pain of her leg and began recovering.

Soon, she was itching to be back outside playing fetch, in her element.

She quickly learned how to run (almost) as fast as she did before, even if going down stairs was a little tricky to begin with.

Remus was thrilled to have her back, he missed her during her short disappearance.

As tough as the whole amputation was on all of us, given the other option, it was the best choice. And if anyone else is ever forced into a similar difficult choice. we hope that Guess’s story will give you some hope.


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