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The shameless narcissist in chief is at it again.

President Obama delivered a eulogy for Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye at the National Cathedral Friday morning. As is his wont, President Me-Me-Me yammered on about his favorite subject: himself.

Obama recalls monthlong family vacation to mainland when he was 11, and family tuning in to Watergate hearings. Inouye captivated him most.

— Star-Adv Politics (@starpolitics) December 21, 2012

All about him RT @markknoller: Pres Obama speaks of boyhood memories of learning about democracy watching Sen Inouye at Watergate hearings

— MirCat (@TRMirCat) December 21, 2012

Inouye’s presence in the Senate “hinted to me what might be possible in my own life,” Obama says in eulogy

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) December 21, 2012

Obama on Inouye: “As someone who has been privileged to live in Hawaii, I know he embodied the very best of … aloha”

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) December 21, 2012

POTUS: “I think it’s fair to say that Danny Inouye was my earliest political inspiration.” Now speaking at National Cathedral service.

— michael viqueira (@mikeviqueira) December 21, 2012

Video at Gateway Pundit:

UNREAL. Obama Uses Sen. Inouye’s Funeral to Drone On About Himself For 10 Minutes (Video) via @gatewaypundit

— Jim Hoft (@gatewaypundit) December 21, 2012

The president’s inappropriate focus on himself during the memorial service did not escape the notice of the Twitterverse.

Obama speaking at Sen. Inouye’s funeral– and he’s talking about himself.#typical

— toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) December 21, 2012

Obama found a camera and a podium to speak from at Sen. Inouye’s funeral… I’ve heard the beginning of the speech before… about himself!

— nevamari (@nevamari) December 21, 2012

President Obama is currently giving Senator Inouye’s eulogy. What’s he talking about? Himself, obviously. I can’t watch this.

— Seth (@rsethib) December 21, 2012

What an embarrassment! #Obama opens remarks at #Inouye service talking all about himself, incl summary of family vacation. What a fool!

— teriobrien (@teriobrien) December 21, 2012

Obama’s Inouye comments: pushing the boundaries between personalizing a memorial and making it (as usual) all about himself.

— John MacIver (@maciverjohn) December 21, 2012

Summary of Obama’s eulogy (in case you missed it): Sen. Inouye is gone, but hey, I’m still here! Also, I’ve always loved vacation.

— Holly Renee (@hollyR_J) December 21, 2012

#ObamasEulogies:JESUS, could #Obama be taking any longer to get to the point about Sen. Inouye? Even in death it’s always about him #tcot

— Duh_Progressive (@Duh_Progressive) December 21, 2012

“@leginsurrection: Obama eulogy for Daniel Inouye all about Obama” me, me, me, I, I, I, uh,uh,uhh…

— Betty Ruth (@Betty_Ruth) December 21, 2012

This is a funeral for Sen. Inouye. Obama can’t stand it not being about him, so he is making it about him!

— Jo Anne moretti (@JoAnneMoretti) December 21, 2012

Obama’s speech about Daniel Inouye: “Me … me … me … I … I … I.” Whatever the topic, Obama always gives a speech about himself.

— Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) December 21, 2012

President Obama honors Sen. Daniel Inouye by talking about his own family vacations. Why is he like this?

— Tony Katz (@tonykatz) December 21, 2012

As always, it’s all about him. And it wasn’t even the first time today:

Photo: President Obama & staff observe a #MomentForSandyHook in the Oval Office today at 9:30 a.m. ET:…

— The White House (@whitehouse) December 21, 2012

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