Audit our aching sides! IRS tweets lack self-awareness; Citizens zing!/textilejunkie/status/341375244092731393

Stop! You are killing us! The IRS Twitter account @IRSNews is utterly lacking in self-awareness. The result? Comedy gold.!/redsteeze/status/341415741792321537!/redsteeze/status/341415399402897408

Zing! Yes, what about that one, IRS?  

The hilariously ironic tweets continued:!/EEElverhoy/status/341417460538417152!/WTCosner/status/341536101820923904!/KevinNR/status/340155337321619456


Don’t hold your breath for that one.

Last month, the @IRSNews account tweeted a dire warning:!/CuffyMeh/status/337997078045282304



CNN’s Jake Tapper zings conservative-targeting IRS on Twitter: ‘So … um’

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