Awesome: Actor Nick Searcy hits Chuck Schumer for supporting Holder!/yesnicksearcy/status/341214994358222850

Actor Nick Searcy never backs down from throwing barbs at the Left. Today he observes that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is well on his way to fully supporting Weiner/Holder in 2016.!/yesnicksearcy/status/341211858528792577

Frustration with Schumer’s out-of-touch attitude on NBC’s “Meet the Press” extended well beyond Searcy.!/benshapiro/status/341212026804260864!/Loxodonta_s/status/341233093136498689!/Knowlan9/status/341197294068174848!/cvpayne/status/341206710666551296

Schumer also denies that his letter had an impact on the IRS’ targeting of conservative organizations.!/DomenicoNBC/status/341181756772327424

See! There’s no way Holder, Schumer or any other prominent figure on the Left bears any responsibility in these scandals.


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