‘Better off than 4 years ago?’ Gov. O’Malley: ‘No,’ Plouffe, Axelrod: ‘Uh’


Oh, dear. Sunday morning shows sure are hard when one is trying to desperately spin to defend an abysmal failure. Governor O’Malley couldn’t even manage it. In a rare instance of truth, when asked if people are better of now than they were four years ago, he said, “No.”

.@GovernorOMalley says we are not better off after four years http://t.co/cKc6qwuF #DNC2012

— Reince Priebus (@Reince) September 2, 2012

Forward! RT @RealMReynolds RT @Timodc: Schieffer: Can you honestly say the people are better off today than four years ago. O'Malley: "No."

— Leonardo Alcivar (@alcivar) September 2, 2012

Senior adviser David Plouffe and former adviser David Axelrod failed miserably. It is a simple question, which they cannot answer. Because, truth is hard.

Honesty Plouffe + Axelrod can't manage RT @Timodc "O'Malley: We Are Not Better Off Than We Were Four Years Ago" http://t.co/Z3QSwxYf

— Jim Merrill (@JimMerrillNH) September 2, 2012

The question Plouffe and @davidaxelrod wouldn't answer on the Sunday shows: Are we better off now than four years ago?

— Eric Fehrnstrom (@EricFehrn) September 2, 2012

The slimy Axelrod and Plouffe tried to dodge.

@stefcutter Think Mr Plouffe dropped ball while avoiding "this weeks" question are we better off than four yrs ago. Its an easy question.

— This s My Government (@dreamcatcher5) September 2, 2012

USA Today: Obama aides avoid 'are you better off' question http://t.co/Jw3jqqcG #ObamaIsntWorking #tcot

— RomneyResponse (@RomneyResponse) September 2, 2012

#Axelrod, said the campaign can say "we're in a better position than we were four years ago." YEA YOU ARE Better OFF, U CROOK.

— LIBERTY 4 ALL (@emikescarpelli2) September 2, 2012

Well, as long as the campaign is. That’s all that matters, right? As for everyone else? “Errr … um …”

On FNS, @DavidAxelrod Won't Say Yes Or No If Americans Are Better Off: http://t.co/u2s68oQG

— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) September 2, 2012


In 1984, Reagan never feared the "Are you better off now than 4 yrs ago?" question. Obama, however, will dodge it. http://t.co/x15mYX2H

— cosmoscon (@gdthomp01) September 2, 2012

More from Hot Air:

Want a preview of the presidential debates?  Then spend two and a half minutes with this clip from today’s Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and David Axelrod.  Wallace asks Axelrod the quadrennial question: are voters better off now than four years ago?  When the man running Team Obama tries to run away from the question by talking about the tough environment Barack Obama inherited, Wallace lays out the comparison on economic statistics between January 2009 and today, and asks Axelrod again: are voters better off now than four years ago?   Answer: Er ….

So @davidaxelrod is having a really rough time on Fox News Sunday — he just can't explain away @BarackObama's failures.

— Ted Newton (@Ted_Newton) September 2, 2012

Plouffe had a similar answer: Um. Uh.

Hilarious and pathetic – Obama's advisor Plouffe can't say we are better off now then four years ago. #thisweek #VoteObamaOut

— Sal (@SundevilSal) September 2, 2012

“Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” Plouffe punts once…twice…thrice! http://t.co/jbyFJIQx #winning #tcot

— ConservativeLA (@ConservativeLA) September 2, 2012

Dear President Obama: When even shameless spinners and liars can’t hide the hard truth, you are in trouble, champ.

November is looking better and better.

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