Bobcats fire grumpy old coach, team remains talentless!/BlairMiller9/status/197035495786684417

Rick Bonnell reports that the Bobcats aren't retaining coach Paul Silas, who coached Charlotte to the worst season in NBA history.

— Mike Persinger (@mikepersinger) April 30, 2012

The Charlotte Bobcats have decided to fire their grumpy head coach Paul Silas. The move shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. After finishing the season with just 7 wins and 59 losses, the Bobcats are by far the worst team in the NBA.

Unfortunately for the people of Charlotte, Silas wasn’t the problem. While owner Michael Jordan may go down as the best to ever play the game, he’s clueless when it comes to building a roster.

So Bobcats are letting Paul Silas go according to Charlotte Observer. But Bobcats hung him out to dry by giving him worst roster in #NBA.

— David Newton (@DNewtonespn) April 30, 2012

Paul Silas is getting fired thats like firing a cook for asking for a gourmet meal when u gave him cheap store brand ingredients #UHHHYEAA

— Care Level 0 (@Michael_DelToro) April 30, 2012

Bobcats announce Paul Silas will not return as coach. With a 7-59 record, what took so long for this move?

— Jeff Gravley (@jgravleyWRAL) April 30, 2012

So Paul Silas is no longer the coach of the Bobcats. They did that man a favor; he has enough grey hair!

— Andrew Retig (@ajretig21) April 30, 2012

I am OUTRAGED that the Bobcats fired Paul Silas. Gonna leave work right now and head up to Trade Street to protest.

— Jordy McKever (@itsjordylive) April 30, 2012

Paul Silas isnt the Bobcats coach anymore… too bad, he was our best player…… yea, you read that right

— .S nwahS (@MrJacksonMcCoy) April 30, 2012

Paul Silas is out as the head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats, now if they could only find a way to remove Michael Jordan as owner.

— jake von erich (@JakeIsTheWorst) April 30, 2012

Paul Silas got fired? What kind of sports world do we live in where 7-59 doesn't earn you at least one more season?

— Jason Brubaker (@JKBru22) April 30, 2012

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