Bummer: Amazon Instant Video is down


Anyone else having issues accessing the content you purchased on Amazon Instant Video? (on roku or on a browser)

— Janna (@worddroppings) March 30, 2013

@worddroppings Yes, @amazonvideo is currently unavailable.

— Exapno Mapcase (@posterbuddy) March 30, 2013

Are you home this Friday night, cuddled up in bed with your laptop, just about to watch a favorite movie or TV series on Amazon.com’s Instant Video download service?

Well, join the bummed-out club.


So apparently I’m not the only one who can’t get Amazon Instant Video to work?

— Kristi (@bohobear) March 30, 2013

Amazon Instant video is broken 🙁 I can’t have my 24 marathon now.

— Austin Tyler (@austintyler123) March 30, 2013

Oh. It’s not just me. Amazon Instant Streaming videos are down for everyone. *wall slides*

— Nneka Marie (@NisforNneka) March 30, 2013

@worddroppings I’m having the same issue.Can’t see any of my purchased content on Amazon video on demand.

— jimmyoliver (@jimmyoliver) March 30, 2013

Amazon Instant Watch is down. This Good Friday be carsed.

— Matthew (@Matterless) March 30, 2013

@amazon Instant Video what gives?Friday night and I can’t rent a movie?Nice service!

— Chad Pierson (@mathchad) March 30, 2013

Amazon Instant Video down. Netflix tells me try again later when trying to reactivate my account.What is the universe trying to tell me?

— Jeff Kirvin (@jeffkirvin) March 30, 2013

@bookaliciouspam Their streaming service is currently down. On an effing Friday night.

— Evil Wylie (@EvilWylie) March 30, 2013

Seriously, I get emails from @amazon every day, you’d think they could use one of those to let us know why @amazonvideo is down.

— Aaron Gardner (@Aaron_RS) March 30, 2013

Hey, who’s up for Scrabble instead!?

Prepare for Web-pocalypse!

So Tumblr was down, Twitter was over capacity, now Amazon Video is down.#theendisnigh

— thebkwyrm (@thebkwyrm) March 30, 2013

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