Check out the five oddest couples of #WHCD [photos]

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Politics makes strange bedfellows. The White House Correspondents’ Dinner makes the strangest. Here’s your Twitchy Top Five Oddest Couples of the annual media-politics-Hollywood suck-up fest.

5. Wolf Blitzer and Diane Lane. We know who would win at Jeopardy!!/CNNPolitics/status/462726648861696000

4. Katie Couric and Duck Dynasty. Hawt. Not you, Katie.!/katiecouric/status/462805124424146944

3. Obama, Ted Cruz, and an awful Satan mask.!/HouseCracka/status/462801356513116160

2. Fox News Channel’s Eric Bolling and NBC’s Al Roker. We hope Roker didn’t have any accidents like he did the last time he attended a White House event. Yikes.!/USATODAY/status/462732020611702784

1. And as we reported earlier tonight, lying liar Ambassador Susan Rice chummed it up with Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson.

Only at “Nerd Prom,” kids. Only at Nerd Prom.!/cspan/status/462767487746981888

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