CNN viewers not happy with white “expert” featured on #BlackInAmerica!/a_game/status/277945177115619329

Race-obsessed CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien is back with another “Black in America” special and it’s trending on Twitter tonight. But not for all the reasons O’Brien might have hoped for as she seeks more (one-sided) “dialogue” on the subject.

Many black viewers wonder why she turned to white leftist academic and reliable identity politics hustler Tim Wise (background on his divisive rhetoric here and refresher on Andrew Breitbart’s fight with him here):

[Also, LMAO @ Tim Wise being called to speak on Black folks’ experiences on #BlackInAmerica. Tells us who their audience is.]

— A. Marie (@ArriannaMarie) December 10, 2012

Ha! seriously? RT @cameronj05: “Who determines who is Black?”- pans to Tim Wise. 🙁 #blackinAmerica

— fredara (@fredaraMareva) December 10, 2012

@thereal_mbrooks I don’t think Tim Wise is an expert on colorism among POC. His expertise is white privilege. #BlackinAmerica (not watching)

— MKW (@rugcernie) December 10, 2012

I like Tim Wise, but I am not here for giving him more privilege to take up this much space in a convo about Blackness. #BlackinAmerica

— Sister Outsider (@FeministGriote) December 10, 2012

ugh RT @huskybro_inc: Who determines who’s Black?Tim Wise, obviously #blackinamerica

— Ice King (@J_Breeze) December 10, 2012

A few defended and even cheered Wise:

Tim Wise gets it! On surface, seems like a racial outsider. But he can look within and figure out solutions. #BlackInAmerica

— Brandon Pope (@BpopeBSU) December 10, 2012

#BlackInAmerica Tim Wise speaking truth. How do we deal with other folks constructing who is black

— Andre Johnson (@aejohnsonphd) December 10, 2012

But Wise’s appearance received far more thumbs of color down than up:

Everytime @timwise comes on the screen 2 talk about #blackinamerica I’m going to throw something at the tv/eventually I will hit the screen!

— Kaye Wise Whitehead (@kayewhitehead) December 10, 2012

wait! Tim Wise answered who is black? #byeyall #blackinamerica

— Justin B. (@JustLB) December 10, 2012

Oh really, Tim Wise?Tell Black Folks something else we already know #blackinamerica

— Huskybro5000 (@HuskyBro_Inc) December 10, 2012

*eye roll* Tim Wise *cough* modern day carpetbagger *cough*cough* shut up, we know Tim *cough*cough* #BlackInAmerica

— Huskybro5000 (@HuskyBro_Inc) December 10, 2012

Lol RT @huskybro_inc Oh it’s the great Negro validator, Tim Wise?I’m out #BlackInAmerica

— Some lady… (@pegaita) December 10, 2012

Who determines who is black? I said “white people” outloud and Tim Wise popped up atthesamedamntime. Quelle coincidence.

— Thembi (@thembithembi) December 10, 2012

@itsseema He’s the “Expert” that they call about white privilege

— Ms. Brooks™ (@TheREAL_MBrooks) December 10, 2012

When did Tim Wise become an expert on “Blackness”? No thank you dude…stick to the “White Privileged” platform!! For real though!!!

— (She)Reese (@reeseecup01) December 10, 2012

Really?! Tim fucking Wise!? #BlackInAmerica

— New Black Woman (@NewBlackWoman) December 10, 2012

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