Colin Powell slams Palin, plays race card: GOP has ‘dark vein of intolerance’!/mitchellreports/status/290463790745673728

Sigh. This is really getting old. Talk about the boy who cried dog whistle! The old “code words” rears its head again: Get ready for more entries in the Handbook of Racial Code Words. “Aloof” isn’t the end of it, evidently.

We reported earlier that Colin Powell blasted “birthers” on “Meet the Press” this morning, because, you know, that’s the most pressing issue of our time. Andrea Mitchell doubled down and implied that the “birther movement” was GOP policy. Powell continued the inanity.

Heh. And he let it fly on this morning. Cue the ominous music: The GOP has a “dark vein of intolerance.”

Twitter users immediately react to this utter nonsense.

Yes, dark vein? How racist, Mr. Powell. But, wait. There’s more.

Sarah Palin already epically smacked down that charge of racism. And now Twitter users are smacking down Powell. They are calling him out for his pitiful race card playing, and for continuing to insist that he is a Republican, even after supporting Barack Obama for president. Both times.

Yep. Twitchy has documented many such instances of leftist racism and intolerance. From Powell? Crickets.


That must be some of that there “subtle” racism or something. Like peanut butter sammiches.

And this Twitter users sums it all up.

But, you know, it’s far easier to just trot out the race card, even if that means disgracefully diminishing actual acts of racism. Here’s a lesson for you, Mr. Powell: If everything in the entire world, including the word “lazy” is racist, then nothing is.

A second tip: Get out of your Beltway Bubble once in a while and talk to some people.



Twitter users kindly weigh in with some helpful #DemocratCodeWords.


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