Come again, Mark Cuban?!/mcuban/status/185906208492879872

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was trying to send a private Direct Message to someone tonight, but he ended up Tweeting to the world instead.  Of course, a mistweet is a great opportunity to poke a little fun:

@mcuban where? And will you buy me a beer? Or maybe I'll buy you one?

— Kirsten Berg (@kberggg) March 31, 2012!/chipotoole/status/185909971274309632

RT @mcuban: Stick around after gm so I can say hi …can I just say it now? HI!

— SteelchucK (@STeeLChUcK) March 31, 2012

To his credit, Cuban fessed up:!/mcuban/status/185923979603742720

Maybe he has been taking Tweeting lessons from Sen. Charles Grassley.

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