‘Dark Shadows’ re-revived as comedy movie starring Johnny Depp


We share his pain, having hurried home from school to watch the creepy soap opera. There was an epically failed attempt to revive the show decades later (with hot chicks), but it was laughably ridiculous, so I guess they decided to go along with it. If you can’t do horror, do horrible.

'Dark Shadows' Trailer: Depp And Burton Aim For Laughs In New …: Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are teaming up onc… http://t.co/MuPJSrRR

— PRODoBOTS… (@PRODoBOTS) March 17, 2012

Dark Shadows: Depp Plays Vampire In New Tim Burton Gothic Comedy http://t.co/kMGAp2kY

— Tim Burton (@TimBurton_news) March 16, 2012

Dark Shadows: Depp vs. Frid, Five Classic Barnabas Clips [VIDEO YOUTUBE] http://t.co/G21nt6l4

— Erica Scott (@EricaLScott) March 17, 2012

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton team up again for "Dark Shadows." Watch the trailer here: http://t.co/BOPk0ZMV

— Washington Post (@washingtonpost) March 16, 2012

Or, maybe . . . it was never dead. *gasp*

“Dark Shadows” apparently has a very loyal cult following. The DVD prices have come down since the advent of Blueray, but they’re still an expensive proposition. Related tweets suggest that cult following is international.

Featured image taken from the Blog of Dark Shadows.

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