Don’t Watch This Without A Tissue Nearby. From The 1:30 Mark, It’ll Take You For An Emotional Ride.

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Helping those who can’t help themselves is an incredible calling. Annie Hart is well known dog lover and the executive director of The Bill Foundation. She makes it her life goal to rescue animals that suffer abuse or neglect and to find homes for the pitiful animals that are left to die on the streets. Her YouTube channel is full of heartwarming animal rescues, but none so touching as the incredible rescue she just pulled off in December of last year. The dog she found was in such bad shape, it was clear he had been on the streets a long time. She named him Gideon… then saved his life. (Video at the bottom)

Gideon was found with deep lacerations around his neck.

He was emaciated and it seemed that he had been living on the streets for a long time.

It was clear that he was extremely sick. Annie believe he is one of the sickest dogs she ever rescued.

It’s uncertain whether or not Gideon’s former owners were physically abusive, but Annie thought it was obvious that he suffered neglect and deep emotional abuse.

Even though the dog knew he needed help and was terribly ill, he had a hard time trusting his rescuers.

He was literally trembling with fear at the sight of people.

Then, something amazing happened. Watch the video to see how all of this unfolded.


Not only did Gideon’s body began to heal, but his spirit did as well. Instead of quaking in fear when he saw humans, he began to realize they could be a source of love and comfort. The love and hope within him blossomed, shining through. The Animal Wellness Foundation generously paid for Gideon’s medical care, which was more than $4,000. Please support them and help them rescue the pups they come across like Gideon, by visiting their Donation page and giving what you can.

The Animal Wellness Foundation is also fostering Gideon and in charge of finding him a forever home. If you’re interested in applying to adopt Gideon or any of the other wonderful animals they have rescued, please visit their site.

At the very least, please help spread the word about these wonderful miracle workers by sharing this amazing video. Annie saved Gideon’s life. Help save the lives of other dogs and click Share below! Source: The Bill Foundation

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