“Ear Boy” From “All That” Is Really Hot Now


Helloooooo, Josh Server.

1. You remember Josh Server from Nickelodeon’s All That. He was perhaps most famous for playing “Ear Boy.”

Nickelodeon / Via pixshark.com

2. He was definitely one of the ones you had a crush on.

Via Nickelodeon

3. He hung out with Pizza Face all the time (who is fairly disturbing in retrospect).

Via Nickelodeon

4. Well, here’s what he looks like now.


5. He posts REALLY good selfies on his Instagram.

6. He also has some SERIOUS GUNS.

7. Josh is now 35 and still does an acting gig every now and then.

Including an episode of Ariana Grande’s Nickelodeon show Sam and Cat.

8. There was also apparently an All That reunion recently?

Lots of #AllThat renunion-ee stuff the last few weeks! ⤠@AlisaReyes @KatrinaAJohnson @AngeliqueBates @dtamberelli

— Josh_Server (@Josh Server)

9. And YES, this is what Katrina Johnson looks like now.

10. Being a child sketch comedian does a body good. Who knew?

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