Forever 21 faces boycott, denies cutbacks have to do with Obamacare!/snarkylibdem/status/369511669157748736

The White House may have enlisted celebrities (and a handful of Planned Parenthood locations) to help sell Obamacare, but the public has had no trouble buying into the idea that businesses owe their employees health insurance, regardless of the cost. A full year ago, Obama supporters threatened a boycott of the Papa John’s pizza chain after its CEO told shareholders it would pass along the cost of implementing Obamacare to consumers.

Just about any mention of paying the costs of Obamacare, whether through a implementing a surcharge (Denny’s), a hiring freeze (Applebee’s) or cutting hours (Olive Garden, Papa John’s), results in a call for a boycott. Is that why fashion retailer Forever 21 is insisting that its decision to cut full-time employees’ hours to 29.5 a week (just under the Affordable Care Act’s 30-hour threshold) has nothing to do with ducking the Obamacare mandate?

Even reliably liberal outlets like MSNBC and The Huffington Post are flirting with that conspiracy, reporting that the retailer is “embroiled in an Obamacare minefield” whether it wants to admit it or not. But why would Forever 21 feel intimated about announcing it was cutting hours to avoid the Obamacare mandate?

No, you’ve got it all wrong! A company spokesperson wrote on Facebook that the cutbacks were based on projected store sales and are “completely independent of the Affordable Care Act.”

Even the White House’s anti-bullying czar seems to have subscribed to Michelle Malkin’s crazy conspiracy theory that health insurance is the issue here.

Everything has glitches at first, right?

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