George Allen easily wins Va. primary, left cries “racism”!/dmataconis/status/212690675286814721

The Virginia primary results are in and, to the surprise of no one, the race for Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate has been called for former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen.

Allen ran against Jamie Radtke of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots, among others:

George Allen won and Jamie Radtke outperformed her polling numbers. Something for everyone to point to and then go beat Tim Kaine.

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) June 12, 2012

No Tea Party upset in Virginia – George Allen wins GOP primary and will face Dem. Tim Kaine in the fight to reclaim his former Senate seat.

— Rafael Jacob (@RafJacob) June 13, 2012

#vasen I hope George Allen noticed 1 in 3 voters in Richmond area voted for Radtke and that is with ALL the name recognition on GA side #sgp

— Letterip (@Letterip) June 13, 2012

That much ballyhooed Radtkementum failed to materialize. Ex-Governor George Allen will be the GOP nominee in #VAsen.

— Russell Schaffer (@RussOnPolitics) June 13, 2012

Already Allen is learning that even after several years out of office, some things haven’t changed:

Welcome back to the show: Moments after AP calls it for George Allen, DSCC sends out press release pummeling him

— Charlie Mahtesian (@charlieNPR) June 12, 2012

Of course, the left jumped at the chance to call Allen racist and bring up the old “Macaca” incident that doomed his 2006 re-election bid:

@AP: BREAKING: George Allen wins Va. GOP primary in bid to recapture Senate seat he lost in 2006. -RAS”Racist Macaca guy is back apparently

— Matthew Nader (@matthewgnader) June 12, 2012

Extremely racist George Allen wins GOP primary in VA bid to regain senate seat

— Rania Khalek (@RaniaKhalek) June 12, 2012

I wonder what colonialist racial slur George Allen's been working on in VA given the current US Commander in Chief?

— Scott Allegrucci (@allegrooch) June 12, 2012

George Allen won his primary race in VA. And teaparty members wonder why ppl call them racist/Bigots. Bz they are Racist/Bigots simple

— christopher levesque (@chris4959) June 13, 2012

George Allen's resurgence is exciting news for my forthcoming 3D reboot of "Birth of a Nation"

— alex pareene (@pareene) June 13, 2012

Get ready for more race-baiting as we head to the general election.

Update: More hate for the folks in Virginia.

@pareene Nobody forgot that George Allen was a big racist idiot. They just remembered that they were big racist idiots too.

— bob calhoun (@bob_calhoun) June 13, 2012

George Allen wins VA primary because for Republicans, a little racism goes a long way.

— Ignacio Carrion (@igcarr) June 13, 2012

No penalty for bigotry in the GOP? "Macaca" George Allen is now GOP Senate candidate for VA #forshame!

— Sepia Mutiny (@sepiamutiny) June 13, 2012

George Allen: For God's sake, GO AWAY. This is #Virginia's nightmare that just won't end. Take your racist @$$ to South Carolina! #p2 #GOP

— Kathie (@gypsy18) June 13, 2012

And well known racist. // RT @bobmcdonnell: Congratulations to my great friend George Allen for a (cont)

— Terry Carter (@Districtopia) June 13, 2012

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