Geraldo Rivera expresses regrets to his Muslim brothers and sisters!/GeraldoRivera/status/326134109325905920

Wow, we thought Fox News host Geraldo Rivera reached the pinnacle of jackassery when he blamed “homegrown anarchists” for Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon.

But no. He was just getting warmed up.

Tonight Geraldo is expressing regret not to the victims of the Boston bombers, but to his “Muslim brothers/sisters.”

That’s right. Because what Geraldo really regrets about what transpired in Boston this week is not that four innocent people died or that scores of people got their legs blown off. What totally bugs him is the added “friction” that Muslims will now feel.

Now’s a good time for Muslims to feel pride, he says.

@geraldorivera my sympathy is with the many innocent victims of islamic terrorist.

— Elaine Murray (@emlaughsallot88) April 22, 2013

@geraldorivera I don’t think you get it Geraldo.What Iman has ever condemned publicly any act of Jihadi terror against the West?

— William Brown (@BillinSDCA) April 22, 2013

@geraldorivera Boston didn’t aggravate lifes friction.Muslim Terrorists aggravated Life’s Friction. Get it right.

— John Counts(@frankybean) April 22, 2013

@geraldorivera Are you kidding me? You are a Joke!

— jeanne kelley (@jkellone) April 22, 2013

“@geraldorivera: Regrets to my Muslim brothers/sisters. We know how Boston will aggravate life’s friction-Now’s the time…JACKASS ALERT

— EF (@FastEddie517) April 22, 2013

How can @foxnews continue to thrust this man infront of a camera?! —->>> @geraldorivera

— NDH (@mflynny) April 22, 2013

@geraldorivera Seriously Geraldo! Regrets to the Muslims?? How about the victims? OMG, I hope Puertorique~nos disown YOU

— Claudia Hirschochs (@CHGeddes) April 22, 2013

@geraldorivera has lost his ever-loving mind!!! –>> Regrets to my Muslim brothers/sisters…

— NDH (@mflynny) April 22, 2013

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