Gov. Rick Perry asks, ‘Who trusts Holder to investigate the IRS?’!/GovernorPerry/status/334399445636612096

We’ve seen whole political parties attempt to rally around “clever” Twitter hashtags before, but Texas Gov. Rick Perry manages to hit hard with nothing more than a list of Obama administration scandals currently on the table. Add Fast and Furious to that mix and it’s no surprise Perry’s not counting on Attorney General Eric Holder to get to the bottom of things any time soon. Does anybody?

@governorperry that’s a rhetorical question, right ?

— Andrea (@AndreaJCahill) May 14, 2013

“@governorperry: Who really trusts Eric Holder to honestly investigate the IRS? #benghazi #fastandfurious, #ap #irs”Not me!!

— Tara Cotumaccio (@Tara_Cotumaccio) May 14, 2013

@governorperry Apparently not @darrellissa, Governor. So that’s good. @johnekdahl

— 1775 (@LunaticRex) May 14, 2013

@governorperry Eric Holder should have been ousted long ago!

— Karina Pettinger (@Kittykatnip1970) May 14, 2013

@governorperry You mean other than Obama and his lap dogs in the media?Not many!

— frank pentangeli (@franky5angels) May 14, 2013

@governorperryNo one that I know…He is dishonest @donttrusthim #orobama

— sassy kauffman (@sassykauffman) May 14, 2013

@governorperry I don’t trust him to tell me what day it is, much less investigating something that he probably knew was going on anyway.

— ALC (@alclubb1967) May 14, 2013

@governorperry I believe any trust that ever existed in this administration is vastly diminished,if it ever existed at all.

— Patricia L.Danielson (@pdanielson92056) May 14, 2013

[email protected]governorperry Holder said he’ll get to the IRS investigation as soon as he finishes up with fast and furious.

— Roger (@CaloosaKid) May 14, 2013

@governorperry @katyinindy Shorter RT : Who really trusts Eric Holder period?

— Rob Womack (@Rojowo) May 14, 2013

@governorperry Not me. Just another breach of trust – and violation of law by Eric Holder in a long line. #benghazi #fastandfurious #ap #irs

— Adele McConnell (@AdeleinTexas) May 14, 2013

Is there room in that tweet for another hashtag? #Pigford? #BlackPanthers?

@governorperry @carohleenuhh don’t forget voter intimidation in Phili. They had video of that and was passed up.

— monkeybike! (@sixbornnine) May 14, 2013

Is there anyone out there with confidence in Eric Holder?

@governorperry Obama?

— J William (@Kouter) May 14, 2013

@governorperry Umm…Obama? That’s about it.

— Rich Fuentes (@RichFuentes76) May 14, 2013

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