Here Are 16 Then And Now Photos From Famous Movie Scenes. You Gotta See Them Now.

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Ever wanted to be in a movie? Me too! I’ve always dreamed of being on set, seeing how the “sausage” is made. Instead, I just devour movies, paying close attention to the smallest details, and re-watching my favorites over and over and over. The next best thing would have to be going to the real life locations where they shoot them though.  And really soak in what I see on TV. And that’s what this guy has done, with awesome results. Can you name each movie?

Home Alone

The Mask

Lethal Weapon

Reservoir Dogs

It’s amazing how some of them look EXACTLY the same after so many years (i.e. Home Alone). I wonder how often they look out their windows to see random tourists like this guy snapping a picture of their house?

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