Here Are 22 Quick GIFs Showing How Everyday Things Are Made. I Can’t Stop Watching #14.

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Have you ever wondered how Pringles get Pringle-shaped? Or how about pretzels? How is any machine able to mass produce the food and products we love so much? These mesmerizing animated gifs show just how it’s done for 22 different everyday items… you won’t be able to look away. (Seriously, it’s going to be extremely difficult to stop watching these.)

1.) Pop-Tarts

2.) Chicken wire

3.) Testing highlighters

4.) Street typography

5.) Sharpening pencils

6.) Cutting fork tines

7.) Macaroni pasta

8.) Chain links

9.) Playing cards

10.) Springs

11.) Bullets

12.) Condoms

13.) Painting camouflage helmets

14.) Capping bottles

15.) Creating scissors

16.) Olive oil

17.) Pretzels

18.) Matchsticks

19.) Chicken nuggets

20.) Pringles

21.) Balloons

22.) Ice cream sandwiches

(H/T BuzzFeed) No matter how strange this food looks on conveyer belts or underneath baking lights, I would still eat it. Who cares if chicken nuggets are made out of paste that’s squirted out by huge machines? They’re still delicious. Share these awesome animated .gifs with others. Your entire friend list is going to be hypnotized.

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