Here’s A Real Place On Earth Where The Apocalypse Actually Happened. Wow.

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For about 70 years, this wooded area in Chatillon, Belgium was home to one of the largest car cemeteries in the world. Discarded automobiles lined the forest and gave the appearance of a post-apocalyptic traffic jam. A common explanation for the super snarl-up is that U.S. soldiers left the cars behind after World War II with the intention of someday coming back for them, but many of the models pictured weren’t manufactured until well after the war. The cars were removed in 2010, but you can see what the auto graveyard once looked like in the pictures below.

1. “Are you sure laying on the horn won’t help?”

2. “Come on, move it!”

3. (BEEP)

4. “I’m a few decades late for work ova’ here!”

5. (BEEEP)

6. “What’s this guy’s problem?”


8. “This is ridiculous!”

9. “Dang rubberneckers.”


(via: boredpanda) Well, I know what I’ll be picturing next time I get stuck on the highway during rush hour. It probably won’t turn into the next Chatillon, but you never know. Share this post using the button below.

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