How Your Favorite Household Items And Appliances Have Evolved Over The Past 100 Years

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For the last decade, it seems that every day has resulted in an awesome new invention.

Not only are new gadgets being created constantly, but other incredible discoveries are occurring, as well. Deep brain stimulation could help people with Parkinson’s live normal lives. Advancements in virtual reality could help people explore places they never thought possible.

Familiarizing yourself with today’s technology is amazing enough, but when you realize where it all started, it’s almost unbelievable. You’ve probably seen or used each of these everyday items, but you’ll be amazed at what the very first version looked like. WOW.

1. A baby carriage then…

These old timey strollers were invented in the 1700s. The Duke of Devonshire asked architect William Kent to design something that would let the Duke transport his children around.

…and a baby carriage now.

Children now can ride around in both safety and style.

2. A camera then…

This is a daguerreotype camera that was built by La Maison Susse Frères in 1839.

…and a camera now.

The modern DSLR camera has so many tricks up its sleeve, it’s almost impossible to know them all.

3. An iron then…

Filling an iron with charcoal is how people used to get the job done.

…and an iron now.

Electric irons now use water and steam to press clothes.

4. A kitchen stove then…

Large, 19th century wood burning stoves weren’t the prettiest things to look at.

…and a kitchen stove now.

Electric ranges and induction cooking are becoming more popular (and look incredibly sleek).

5. A lawn mower then…

In 1902, Ransomes produced the first commercially available gasoline powered mower.

…and a lawn mower now.

Now, you can even ride your power lawn mower so you don’t have to do all of that pesky walking.

6. A washing machine then…

Sure, these non-electric washing machines would clean your clothes, but they’d also give you a great workout.

…and a washing machine now.

Thankfully, incredible progress has been made and now washing machines are efficient, quiet, and can keep your clothes pristine.

7. A stand mixer then…

This is what a standing KitchenAid mixer used to look like. This “Kaidette” stand mixer was produced in the 1930s.

…and a stand mixer now.

These mixers have gotten an awesome face-lift over the years.

8. A toaster then…

This giant, scary contraption wasn’t a torture device…it was used to toast bread.

…and a toaster now.

Not only can you toast BOTH sides of a piece of bread, but you can do that to multiple slices at once!

9. A television set then…

In the 1940s, you had to watch an itty bitty screen inside of a monster of a cabinet.

…and a television set now.

Now, TVs are enormous, lightweight, high definition, and sometimes even curved.

10. A vacuum cleaner then…

Old vacuum cleaners used to be manually powered (and would even require two people to run them).

…and a vacuum cleaner now.

With the invention of the Roomba and other robotic vacuum cleaners, you don’t even need to be present to vacuum!

(via Bright Side)

Humans get a lot of flak for being self-destructive, but you have to admit, our species has created some incredible things.

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