It’s Not Every Day That Handwriting Will Blow You Away. But This Guy’s 30 Examples Are Stunning.

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Sean McCabe has a true passion for hand lettering and typography, as well as a love for meticulous detail. Sean is a hand lettering artist and type designer from San Antonio who also does podcasts on creativity and business in the design industry. His passion for the craft has now turned into a full time job and he sells some of his work on his website. Sean’s hand lettering has gathered so much interest online that he even provides hand lettering classes now. Check out some of his work below:

1) Hand Lettered Type Anatomy.

2) It All Starts With Writing.

3) You’ll Only Improve By Doing.

4) Simplify.

5) Non Sibi Sed Patriae. – Latin phrase meaning “Not for self, but for country”.

6) Giving Is The Best Way To Be Fulfilled.

7) Numerous Doodles.

8) Travel.

9) Design Can Change The World.

10) Working on Hand Lettering Workshop.

11) Hand Lettering Workshop.

12) Press On.

13) Focus On What Matters.

14) Recharge.

15) What Are You Not Doing…

16) You Are More Than What You Do.

17) Do What You Love & Do It Often.

18) The Magic Of 7 & Why Your Voice Matters.

19) Ampersand.

20) Working on The One Concept Approach.

21) The One Concept Approach.

22) What Would You Do If Money Was No Object.

23) You Are The Highlight Of My Day.

24) Be Driven.

25) Bring The Flow.

26) Deliberate Practice.

27) Depth.

28) Doing What You Love.

29) Embrace The Struggle.

30) Make Things, Not Excuses.

Some of those are truly stunning, but one thing is for sure, he clearly does not have what it takes to be a doctor. Source: reddit and Sean McCabe. Share these incredible works of hand lettering with your friends below.

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