Lady Gaga cheers for Supreme Court to overturn law signed by Bill Clinton!/ladygaga/status/349311947105251328

Lady Gaga likes Bill Clinton, and vice-versa, but apparently the former president hasn’t done everything right during his career in politics.

The Supreme Court did not issue an opinion on DOMA Monday, but more decisions are expected Tuesday.

Until then, Gaga might want to do a tweetorial to bring some of her followers up to speed:!/ARTPOPnewlife/status/349316796307877889!/Lonniesuxx/status/349315870880829441!/_DenMonster/status/349314719225622530!/julian_caro18/status/349314573721026561!/candy_burcin/status/349314078902190081!/esinakdemir/status/349314504095567872

That was just a sampling, by the way.

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