Lady Gaga Slayed Her “Sound Of Music” Tribute And Everyone Still Has Chills

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“YAAASS GAGA YAAASS.” –the internet

1. So you probably STILL have chills from Lady Gaga’s EPIC tribute at the Oscars to The Sound of Music.

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2. People got really excited, really fast.

5. The celebs LOVED it.

Congratulations to Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews for a most emotional moment on this year’s Oscars. Oops, forgot to be satirical.

— SteveMartinToGo (@Steve Martin)

Very nice @ladygaga ! #JulieAndrews looks amazing! I want her to read me to sleep every night! #Oscars

— LanceBass (@Lance Bass)

It is about a talent that has no [email protected]

— LisaVanderpump (@Lisa Vanderpump)

9. Naturally, some people brought up NBC’s live Sound of Music show. They want a redo, with Gaga starring.

Cut to Carrie Underwood keying Lady Gaga’s car

— Omri_Rawrlan (@Omri)

Was @LadyGaga’s performance an official apology for #SoundOfMusicLive? If so, apology accepted. #Oscars 🙌

— kateb (@Kate Bowen)

Julie Andrews is thanking Lady Gaga for wiping the memory of Carrie Underwood’s Maria from our minds. #Oscars

— anglophenia (@anglophenia)

I’m just really quickly gonna suggest that NBC re-do Sound of Music Live with @ladygaga

— andrewnielson (@andrew)

14. Oh, and The Princess Diaries came up too.

*whispers in ear* “You are the real princess of Genovia, Lady Gaga.”

— acswoope (@Anne Carrie Swoope)

Introducing “Lady Gaga” Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Queen of Genovia.

— LANABananaFanna (@Federiko)

Um. Exsqueeze me @ladygaga I believe you forgot to introduce Julie Andrews by her title, Queen of Genovia. #2015Oscars #Oscars

— MizzEmz (@Emily)

18. Also, can Gaga and Julie Andrews be BFFs? Because people want that. A LOT.

when i’m feeling sad i simply remember julie andrews and lady gaga hugging and crying and then i don’t feel so bad

— kissyouoff (@ana)

All I want in this world is a clip of Julie Andrews saying “thank you Lady Gaga”

— doreeshafrir (@Doree Shafrir)

crying over a hug between Julie Andrews and Lady Gaga is totally normal right???

— SadGirlsGuide (@Sad Girls Guide)

22. People basically were in awe. Like, “YAAASS, GAGA, YAAASS.”

Her Sound of Music montage made me remember that #LadyGaga is a true artist and talent and more than meat wearables.

— SanDiegoMomma (@Debbie Anderson)

I am LOVING how so many people are just NOW realizing the caliber of @ladygaga’s voice. SHE IS FLAWLESS. #Oscars2015 and Julie Andrews?! OMG

— ColoradoMom (@~ Emily)

Yeah, I think @LadyGaga has just slapped all the non-believers right in the face with that performance. #SoundOfMusic #Oscars

— JoesDaily (@Joe’s Daily)

26. But most important of all, Gaga had Ellen’s seal of approval.

[email protected] made me want to climb a mountain. She also made me want to ford every stream and I don’t even know what that means. #Oscars2015

— TheEllenShow (@Ellen DeGeneres)

28. #NailedIt, Gaga!

Me right now. What a night. Congratulations to all the nominees, performers, and winners! Let’s party! ðŸ¸

— ladygaga (@Lady Gaga)

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