Liberals flaunt unhinged obsessions on #RepublicanBooks hashtag!/WhenEvilCame/status/220013618685685760

Over the weekend, political Twitterers on both sides of the aisle began tweeting their best suggestions for #RepublicanBooks and #Democratbooks.

This morning, #RepublicanBooks is trending. While both liberals and conservatives are playing, this hashtag game offers us particularly keen insight into what occupies the minds of progressive Twitterers. The hashtag is an unfortunate lesson in how to bake a liberal cake.

Add one part Race obsession:

#RepublicanBooks I'm White and You Should Be Too

— Anna G-house (@AGreathouse_AK) July 3, 2012

#RepublicanBooks Fifty Shades of White

— Eric (@diggaduh) July 3, 2012

One part Koch conspiracies:

#RepublicanBooks Why Koch is Our Drug of Choice

— Na'Quel Walker (@NaQuelBby10o) July 3, 2012

"Open Wide! Sucking Koch's The Right Wing Way" #RepublicanBooks

— Corey James (@CJ_Politics) July 3, 2012

Mix well with Gay-baiting:

#RepublicanBooks The Joys Of Gay Sex, Written By Larry Craig. Illustrations by Marcus Bachmann

— Kevin C. (@Chaapai) July 3, 2012

#RepublicanBooks Pray Away the Gay, With a Peen in Your Butt

— Mintedroyalty (@Mintedroyalty) July 3, 2012

Dust with a liberal sprinkling of lady bits:

Men are from Mars, and Should Control Women's Vaginas #RepublicanBooks

— Katie Halper (@kthalps) July 3, 2012

#republicanbooks Who's Afraid of Vaginas, Wolf?

— Dylan Otto Krider (@dokrider) July 3, 2012

And of course, garnish with Republican woman-bashing.

#RepublicanBooks From Russia With Love: As seen from Sarah Palin's House

— Jan Burch (@LiberallyJan) July 3, 2012

#RepublicanBooks Leather Face. The Jan Brewer Biography

— Kevin C. (@Chaapai) July 3, 2012

Take with a strong anti-emetic.

Conservatives are pushing back, using both #RepublicanBooks and #DemocratBooks.

"Winning." #RepublicanBooks

— Brent Teichman (@BrentTeichman) July 3, 2012

How to Provide Contraception For Less Than $3000/Year #RepublicanBooks

— Stuart (@Ringo6) July 3, 2012

#DemocratBooks – Death of a Salesman and other Obamacare Stories.

— Infinitus est (@aschulme) July 3, 2012

#DemocratBooks To Kill a Constitution.

— Pete Sayek (@PeteRFNY) July 3, 2012

#DemocratBooks The Life Of Julia and Other Composite Fairytales

— Roy Rogers (@Roy__Rogers) July 3, 2012

#DemocratBooks The Mediocre Gatsby

— Mattphilbin (@Mattphilbin) July 3, 2012

#DemocratBooks What Color is Your Parachute Raaaacist?

— Barbara McMahon (@southsalem) July 3, 2012

#DemocratBooks – As You learn to Like It once you know what's in it. (Shakespeare).

— Infinitus est (@aschulme) July 3, 2012

#DemocratBooks Crime and No Punishment (By Eric Holder)

— Bella Pelosi (@BellaPelosi) July 3, 2012

What are your favorite #DemocratBooks and #RepublicanBooks?

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