LOL: Springsteen sings creepy Obama song, says debate ‘freaked him out’!/markknoller/status/265494394646441984

Wait, what?

Wait. Is Springsteen singing a song about Obama now? #LibsAreSoCreepy

— BiasedGirl (@BiasedGirl) November 5, 2012

Yes, yes he did, while campaigning for Obama today.

Bruce @springsteen continues his support of the American Dream in Columbus, Ohio. #Forward…

— Obama for America OH (@OFA_OH) November 5, 2012

Obama’s laser-like focus tweeted it out, too.

Boss hug:…

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) November 5, 2012

We wish it just ended with that picture (which would be bad enough); Alas, it did not. The song? It happened.

Springsteen song also rhymes “drama” and “marijuana” with Obama.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) November 5, 2012

Bruce Springsteen will fly on Air Force One from Madison, WI to Columbus, OH but will find his own way to Des Moines for final rally.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) November 5, 2012

Springsteen song at WI rally: “Usually this time of day I’m in my pajamas/Let’s vote for the man who got Osama.”

— Alex Bruns (@ABBruns) November 5, 2012

Oh, dear. As Twitchy reported, he debuted this “song” last month. Who would have thought that he’d actually keep singing it? In public, no less. Lesson not learned, huh, Bruce? To be fair, at least he didn’t pull a Russell Crowe and call Obama “the light and the future.” At least, we don’t think he did. Please say it ain’t so.

The mocking was swift.

Too much POT, Bruce: RT @markknoller: Springsteen performs Obama campaign song he wrote. Rhymes pajamas with Obama.

— US Taxpayer (@TeaPartyStance) November 5, 2012

@markknoller What, pray tell, rhymes with “gay marriage?”

— Chris Espinosa (@cdespinosa) November 5, 2012

@markknoller What rhymes did Springsteen use for other Obama adjectives? Things like “villain” or “murderer” or “anti-American”?

— Kristoffer Walker (@GummyNerds) November 5, 2012

Choom rhymes w/ doom and gloom RT @markknoller Springsteen song also rhymes “drama” and “marijuana” with Obama.

— Dianne_Baltramaitis(@Dianne93101) November 5, 2012

That wasn’t Springsteen and Obama’s only fail, believe it or not.

In 2004, Kerry and Springsteen got 80,000 people in Madison before election. Today, Obama and Springsteen got 18,000.

— Joe Pounder (@PounderFile) November 5, 2012

Whoops! Y’all don’t have the same draw this time around, do you? And the trifecta of fail:

Springsteen admits to Madison, WI, crowd, “The first debate really freaked me out.”

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) November 5, 2012

Springsteen: The First Debate Really Freaked Me Out…


Good grief! He is just like the other Obama cultists who were “deeply shaken” by The One’s debate performance. Oh, dear: Now we’ve been reminded of that and cannot stop gasping with giggles. Thanks, Bruce!

Twitter users rightly hold a mock-fest. And it’s beautiful.

Springsteen’s about the same age as Romney. He’d draw bigger crowds at a retirement community than a college town. #EverybodysGotAHungryAARP

— Jon G. (@ExJon) November 5, 2012

Obama’s in Madison with Bruce Springsteen? Never been so thankful to be in class.

— Chelsea Grunwald (@chelseagrunwald) November 5, 2012

Ha! RT @kenineastman: ‘Wastelands’? RT @biasedgirl: Wait. Is Springsteen singing a song about Obama now? #LibsAreSoCreepy

— BiasedGirl (@BiasedGirl) November 5, 2012

“I was going to vote for Romney tomorrow but then Springsteen played a song I’ve heard 400 times before and now I’m going Obama” Said no one

— S.M (@redsteeze) November 5, 2012

Or about Benghazi RT @barackobama: President Obama in Wisconsin: “I cannot imagine not being fired up after listening to Bruce Springsteen.”

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) November 5, 2012

Actor Rob Lowe gets in on the action.

Flash poll: Bruce Springsteen/Jay-Z are up 2 points in Ohio!!

— Rob Lowe (@RobLowe) November 5, 2012


Bruce Springsteen used to be the voice of the working man. Now he’s the voice of the guy that destroyed the working man. #Forward

— S.M (@redsteeze) November 5, 2012

It’s nice to finally see Mitt Romney and Bruce Springsteen making their closing arguments.

— S.M (@redsteeze) November 5, 2012

Man of the people! Obama is so “in touch” that he needs Bruce Springsteen to speak-sing for him.

It’s pretty sweet that you got Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen but do you have any jobs or a way to lower the national deficit? Just wondering.

— candice(@__candypants) November 5, 2012

And a bit of yummy irony: Maybe Bruce can write a song about it!

Delicious irony RT @feliciasonmez: Per flight crew, after Election Day Romney’s charter jet is next set to be used by … Bruce Springsteen

— Toby Harnden (@tobyharnden) November 5, 2012

More, please, Twitter. As for you Mr. Springsteen? No more thinkies. Thanks!


Even Springsteen couldn’t fill a stadium for President Empty Chair.

Tons of empty seats at today’s Obama Mega Rally with Springsteen & Jay-Z #Forward #Obama #ObamaFAIL #absenteeseating…

— Caleb Bonham (@CalebBonham) November 6, 2012

More empty seats at the Obama rally in Ohio. #absenteeseating #obamafail…

— Caleb Bonham (@CalebBonham) November 6, 2012


Bruce. Columbus, #Ohio. #ohdecides2012 #2012unfiltered

— Ed O’Keefe (@edatpost) November 5, 2012

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