Michelle Malkin: Bowe Bergdahl’s ‘rescue’ a snub to 8 dead soldiers

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Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin was on top of the Bowe Bergdahl story five years ago, and in her column published today, she furthers the case that Bergdahl’s actions led to coordinated attacks on U.S. troops by the Taliban.


In 2009, Malkin interviewed a soldier who had risked his life to search for Bergdahl after his disappearance from his post:

“I know the story and the accounts that he was drunk or that he was lagging behind on patrol are not true — this soldier planned this move for a long time. He walked off the post with a day’s supply of water and had written down before that he wanted to live in the mountains … he is an embarrassment to everyone who has worn the uniform.”

This week, Malkin heard from another soldier who served on the search team.

“We averaged 18-22 kilometers a day on foot, clearing house to house, room to room looking for PFC Bergdahl … We even went as far as rappelling down wells and crawling through tunnels to look for him.” The standard procedure for re-capturing PFC Bergdahl was not “normal,” the soldier noted. “He was very good with knives, and trained to throw and fight hand-to-hand with knives. We did not know the mental state of PFC Bergdahl at the time. All we knew was he left on his own, he caused us lots of hardship, and if we entered a room and saw him we would put him down because he could attack us.”

Everyone should read the whole column, but in short: multiple sources suggest that whatever deal was struck with the Taliban to “rescue” Bergdahl is a snub to the surviving heroes and at least 8 dead American soldiers who lost their lives because of him.




My Brothers DIED searching for the DESERTER.

Many more of these incidents
@michellemalkin— A Federal Farmer (@AFederalFarmer) June 03, 2014


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/06/03/michelle-malkin-bowe-bergdahls-rescue-a-snub-to-at-least-8-dead-american-soldiers/

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