Mickey Kaus calls out Sen. Marco Rubio on amnesty flip-flop


Sen. Marco Rubio is winning over some big-name conservatives with his call for immigration reform, which closely resembles the McCain-Kennedy plan of 2006-07.

Exact same as Bush’s RT @kevinmaddendc: Sen. Marco Rubio: A GOP vision for immigration reform – bit.ly/Wh9sh0 #oped #

— Conn Carroll (@conncarroll) January 27, 2013

Back then, conservatives called the plan amnesty, and they were right. Rubio opposed it at the time.  But now he’s “evolving.”

Mickey Kaus of the Daily Caller is one of the few amnesty opponents who is sticking to his guns:

Buried Lede: Rubio was “moderate” on immig b4 conveniently anti-amnesty, b/4 pro-amnesty. He sold in b4 he sold out tinyurl.com/a4zpmxs

— Mickey Kaus (@kausmickey) January 27, 2013

In other words, Rubio was only posing when he said those sensible anti-amnesty things in 2007 tinyurl.com/a4zpmxs

— Mickey Kaus (@kausmickey) January 27, 2013

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