Morgan: First Amendment shouldn’t protect ‘vile bigots’ like Phil Robertson

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It isn’t. Then again, when it comes to constitutional matters, Musket Morgan doesn’t have a clue.

This morning, he’s throwing in his unsolicited two cents about Phil Robertson’s suspension from “Duck Dynasty” over Robertson’s religious beliefs regarding homosexuality. And it’s clear that in light of recent events, Morgan is as big a jackass as ever:!/piersmorgan/status/413707815488741376

Constitutioning is hard!!/piersmorgan/status/413711244768452608!/piersmorgan/status/413711354785042432

He won’t tolerate intolerance!!/piersmorgan/status/413712422076043264

What a colossal dolt.!/piersmorgan/status/413712596936581120

While we’re not gonna comment on the nickname, we can say without reservation that Piers is most definitely a bigot — a very, very stupid one.!/ChrisBarnhart/status/413711197024710657

You wouldn’t think.!/redsteeze/status/413710802005540865!/thesavvy/status/413710138797989888!/redsteeze/status/413712174184665089!/adam_c_profitt/status/413710982775853056!/sunnyright/status/413717235589742593!/MangyLover/status/413712853175005185!/Matthops82/status/413711386263293952!/Me_In_Jersey/status/413710056228519936!/Tomcat1066/status/413709583467552769

Be careful what you wish for, Piers.



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