Nancy Pelosi: Hobby Lobby decision violates workers’ religious rights

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Nancy Pelosi weighed in on this morning’s Supreme Court decision on the Hobby Lobby case with lies and deceptions, as you might have guessed.

First, a major lack of Democrat self-awareness:!/NancyPelosi/status/483633232173617152

Choose which laws to obey? Like when Pelosi stands by watching the Obama administration do just that?!/JustAnotherMo/status/483634401683591168!/clbikesale/status/483643316655751169

Pelosi’s first comment on the Hobby Lobby decision was pathetic enough, but then she tweeted this:!/NancyPelosi/status/483633595370991618

Workers’ religious rights?!/Ginabeans22/status/483651859043717120!/TinPotDickTator/status/483634480381325312

One of Pelosi’s straw men was also called out:!/SHannitysHair/status/483642776413036544

The SCOTUS decision is apparently like the Obamacare bill in that Pelosi didn’t read either one, and she sure hopes nobody else will either.

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