NASCAR driver urges no rush to judgment after Tony Stewart, Kevin Ward accident

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NASCAR’s Brad Keselowski retweeted that tweet. He then offered this response to a question posed to him about the tragic accident that killed driver Kevin Ward.!/honeyboner1980/status/498391857660198913!/keselowski/status/498467427244847105

As Twitchy reported, others offered up similar sentiments when arguing that Tony Stewart’s original plan to race today was perhaps not as callous as it seemed. Not everyone agreed, natch.

But others are urging the same tact as Keselowski.!/LauraSchaller/status/498468156579807232!/DollG1974/status/498470392781369344

Keselowski further urged no rush to judgment by retweeting this as well:!/nascarcasm/status/498491645072261120


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