No, This Isn’t an Illusion. It’s A Mind-Blowing Hotel Room That You Gotta See.

There’s a hotel in Marseille, France, that is dedicated to setting itself apart from all other accommodations there. They’re doing it by bending the minds of their guests. The hotel is called Au Vieux Panier (which means “the old basket”) and it has very special interior decorating that couldn’t possibly be replicated. Their rooms are literal works of art, all having different themes based on designs and artwork of artists from around the globe.

The one we want to highlight is the most shocking of all, designed by a graffiti artist named Tilt. It’s called “Panic Room.”

One half of the room is pristinely white, while the other is covered in shocking and colorful graffiti.

Looking at it almost hurts your eyes.

We can’t imagine waking up here.

… or going to sleep here, for that matter.

Tilt and his two friends spent hours covering the one side of the room in their style of art.

All the while, making sure that the dividing line between the two halves was crisp and clear.

The difference between the two sides of the room is incredible.

If you’d like to stay in one of the rooms yourself, you can easily book it online. However, you would need to then fly to France.


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