Parents Of Preemies Know That The Smallest Bit Of Normalcy Makes All The Difference

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On October 1, 2016, Lindsey Howe welcomed her baby girl Hope into the world. Incredibly, she hadn’t known she was pregnant until delivering the baby nine weeks early.

As parents of preemies already know, a baby born before it’s ready comes with a lot of unique challenges. Often, preemies have to stay in the hospital for several weeks — if not months. Sometimes, it’s not known if the child will even be strong enough to survive. It’s an incredibly emotional time for everyone involved.

As a result, even the tiniest moments and milestones mean a lot to parents of preemies. From smiles to farts, they serve as glimmers of normalcy that offer renewed hope that everything is going to be just fine.

That beam of bright light came for Howe when her little one did this…

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I never knew hiccups could be so cute! Excuse me while I go watch this at least ten more times.

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