Pharrell Williams’ shoes have a message for Hillary Clinton to ignore


Hillary Clinton has a history of ignoring reporters’ questions about Ferguson, Mo., but can she ignore Pharrell’s shoes?

Complex reports that the “Happy” singer has customized his adidas Stan Smiths to make an important announcement: the shoes include the words “Hillary Clinton go visit Ferguson” on the “medial and lateral sides of the vintage tennis sneakers.” Just look:

.@Pharrell sends a powerful message to Hillary Clinton on his new @adidasOriginals sneakers:

— Complex (@ComplexMag) September 19, 2014

.@Pharrell uses his @adidasoriginals kicks as a canvas to send @HillaryClinton a message.

— Complex Sneakers (@ComplexSneakers) September 19, 2014

@ComplexMag @Pharrell @adidasoriginals sorry P but 🚮

— Maison Martin (@Isthatjohnn) September 19, 2014

. @ComplexMag @Pharrell @adidasoriginals ffs

— evian christ (@evian_christ) September 19, 2014

Girl pharrell is on some opportunist bs with that #Ferguson stunt. @knee_men @ComplexMag @Pharrell @adidasoriginals

— Jas Bailey (@JasBaileyTweets) September 19, 2014

@JasBaileyTweets @Pharrell exactly! This is history in the making and he's using it as a business tactic for his own gain -__- #selfish

— Nihmen (@knee_men) September 19, 2014

@ComplexMag @Pharrell @adidasoriginals Way to capitalize on a Black man's death, message to Hillary my eye

— God's Property (@I_Luv_Thinkers) September 19, 2014


Pharrell Williams is happy about Hillary Clinton’s ‘don’t look back’ message


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