Power of social media: Second Twitter rally aims to #StopCommonCore


Power of social media. MT @a_oldika @parentledreform we’ve already surpassed reach of 1st twitter rally, just 8 mins in! #stopcommoncore

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 3, 2013

I’m seeing a lot of #stopcommoncore in my Twitter feed. I wondered if it was currently trending. And then I looked. It is. #takenote

— Stephanie Kreuz (@skreuz) May 3, 2013

Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin, who just last week spoke of the power of social media to tell suppressed narratives, was among those driving yet another Twitter rally to sound the alarm on the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which aims to impose a “one-size-fits-none” set of education standards nationwide. FreedomWorks calls it simply the “government takeover of education.”

What is#CommonCore?It’s the government takeover of education.Help us #StopCommonCore bit.ly/16414rB

— FreedomWorks (@FreedomWorks) May 3, 2013

That something with such a massive reach, both across the nation and forward through generations, could manage to fly beneath the radar is astounding, but concerned parents have found each other online and continue to search for answers, share information and demand accountability.

#stopcommoncoreMyth. Under Common Core, the states will still control their standards.

— Gina Glenn (@keepergina) May 3, 2013

This is Bill Ayers approved education people. #stopcommoncore twitter.com/beth_thomason/…

— Beth Thomason (@beth_thomason) May 3, 2013

My #homeschooled children enjoy classic literature because common core hasn’t come for us yet #StopCommonCore

— Jessica S. Parmer (@thatoddmom) May 3, 2013

George Will agrees: #CommonCore Violates 3 Federal Laws bit.ly/11NhiBq #stopcommoncore

— Pioneer Institute (@PioneerBoston) May 3, 2013

With the implementation of CCSS schools can track 400 points of data on your child, privacy is no longer valued#StopCommonCore

— Jessica S. Parmer (@thatoddmom) May 3, 2013

[email protected]theharriswalker Robbing the stakeholders of control over the education of their children is unacceptable. #stopcommoncore

— Jason B. Whitman (@JasonBWhitman) May 3, 2013

Sick of seeing my 5th graders struggle to add and subtract or read simple text because the TOP DOWN SYSTEM is failing them. #stopcommoncore

— Bethany Roberts (@BethanyRobert12) May 3, 2013

Happy to start homeschooling in September. Def support #stopcommoncore!!

— Nicole Efunnuga, M.S (@NicoleEfunnuga) May 3, 2013

#stopcommoncore it will hurt students who have learning disabilities who can’t keep up with regular ed pacing

— Rochelle Porto (@Roportm) May 3, 2013

Stop Fed takeover of local schools. Stop data mining our children. Stop substandard curricula. Stop religious intolerance. #StopCommonCore!

— Gail Trask (@GailTrask) May 3, 2013

Common core will deemphasize math & reading &insert more SOCIAL STUDIES preparing students to be cogs #Stopcommoncore commoncore.org/wwd.php

— Ideas Matter (@IdeasBelief) May 3, 2013

#stopcommoncore Talk to your neighbors, family, friends. Here’s a downloadable handout. fb.me/2mhteuG6F

— Kentuckians Against (@NoCommonCoreKY) May 3, 2013

I haven’t gotten a straight answer from a single site regarding common core. THEY don’t want you to know! just like OCare! #stopcommoncore

— Amber Duncan (@mynameispink) May 3, 2013

#stopcommoncore ties teacher salary to passing the common core testing – this idea is untested and has no merit to judge what teacher did

— Rochelle Porto (@Roportm) May 3, 2013

#stopcommoncore pushed by venders – PARCC/Pearson running national education, students with disabilities are punished by common core

— Michael(@pfloyd325) May 3, 2013

CC is all about social justice.Most people have no idea what that is.Educate your friends.#stopcommoncore

— No Common Core in AL (@aahbuhkuh) May 3, 2013

Need another reason to #StopCommonCore? Read their agenda in their own words here: commoncore.org/wwd.php #LiberalEducation

— Heath Mayo (@HeathMayo) May 3, 2013

The #StopCommonCore effort has found in foothold in government in the form of Sen. Ted Cruz and a handful of his colleagues, but it will take pressure from citizens to give the movement legs.

Proud to join other Senators in effort to #StopCommonCore & prevent Dept of Ed from setting a nation-wide curriculum: scribd.com/doc/138556960/…

— Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) May 3, 2013

Q4 Political pressure is changing minds on CCSS…KEEP IT UP!#stopcommoncore

— James V. Shuls (@shulsie) May 3, 2013

#stopcommoncore It’s time to Twitter up!

— Kentuckians Against (@NoCommonCoreKY) May 3, 2013

* * *

Update: A lot of people are getting an education on Common Core tonight.

Woohoo!#StopCommonCore is the #1 non-promoted tweet!twitpic.com/cnpxwo

— FreedomWorks (@FreedomWorks) May 3, 2013

The top trending topic in the United States is an amazing victory for the grass roots, but the fight to stop Common Core isn’t over. Here are some resources to keep the education of the public going, along with some homework from Truth in American Education (@TruthInAmEd), Parent-Led Reform (@ParentLEDReform) and the rally panelists: Emmett McGroarty,executive director of the Preserve Innocence Imitative with American Principles Project (@approject); Joy Pullmann (@joypullmann), editor of School Reform News; Ben DeGrow (@ediswatching) education policy analyst at the Independence Institute; James Shuls (@shulsie), education policy analyst at the Show-Me Institute; and Shane Vander Hart (@shanevanderhart) editor-in-chief of CaffeinatedThoughts.com (@CaffThoughts).

One more resource: My handy #stopcommoncore public Twitter list. Big salute to ALL activists on front lines==> twitter.com/michellemalkin…

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 3, 2013

Do you have questions about Common Core? Check out this info packed website stopcommoncore.com #stopcommoncore

— Tonya Shellnutt (@Feminist4Him) May 3, 2013

Get to know the Facts versus the Myths of #CommonCore talking points – bit.ly/17CWDmm #stopcommoncore

— Truth in American Ed (@TruthinAmEd) May 3, 2013

#stopcommoncore challenge for you: Make your state the first to repeal common core. Erase to the top. Join us: tinyurl.com/coakqdm

— ParentLedReform.org (@ParentLEDreform) May 3, 2013

Six reasons why conservatives (but everyone really) should object to the Common Core – bit.ly/10zWUBq #stopcommoncore

— Shane Vander Hart (@shanevanderhart) May 3, 2013

Q 10. How do parents get involved to #stopcommoncore?

— American Principles (@approject) May 3, 2013

Q10. Go to bit.ly/YqEGpb & pulldown “About Us” thengo to “Related Websites” to findactivists in your state #stopcommoncore

— American Principles (@approject) May 3, 2013

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