President Obama makes not-so-secret secret trip to Afghanistan for more football spiking!/JimmyBollocks/status/197407255086374912

President Obama made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan today where he will indulge in more ego-stroking and more campaigning on our dime. The White House attempted to keep it a secret, but it was reported early this morning by an Afghanistan news outlet.

Obama and crew have a long track record of being really bad at keeping secrets. #bozos @BuzzFeedAndrew @ZekeJMiller

— Cindy Cooper (@CindyCoops) May 1, 2012

RT @ProducerMatthew: Just in – New photo: President Obama lands in Afghanistan [Reuters] –

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 1, 2012

Why the “unannounced” trip? Oh, official business! Yes, the official business of using tax dollars to campaign.

President Spike the Football to Give Campaign Speech from Afghanistan, Will Display Osama’s Head

— JWF (@JammieWF) May 1, 2012

@chucktodd Obama said he wouldn't spike the football. I don't see how he could have spiked it any harder than this. #MissionAccomplished

— Rich Nielsen (@RiseAndShoutOut) May 1, 2012

So once again Obama is playing the Bin Laden card, after castigating others for allegedly doing the same. He is also “spiking the football,” repeatedly, after claiming he wouldn’t do so – he even claimed, with a straight face, that he still wasn’t doing it. Worse, he’s using it to campaign on as a ‘gutsy call’ when we all know it was someone else’s gutsy call.

The special operators who have every right to "spike the football" are too professional to do so. The White House might follow their lead.

— Donald Rumsfeld (@RumsfeldOffice) May 1, 2012

Boom, Secretary Rumsfeld. Alas, the Spiker-in-chief won’t listen. He’s got campaigning, on our dime, to do! Nothing is more important to President Obama than President Obama.

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