President Obama rallies troops for Action August!/TiredmamainNC/status/359479034796703745

President Obama appeared at a Washington hotel Monday to rally some of his closest supporters as they prepare to kick off “Action August.” Unlike regular August, Action August begins on the 4th, which happens to be the president’s 52nd birthday. Organizing for Action is urging volunteers to use the month to pressure legislators during their summer recess to support the president’s many unfinished agenda items. The president, meanwhile, will be spending the month in mom jeans on Martha’s Vineyard and training his laser-like focus on some golf balls.

OFA head Jim Messina told the invitation-only crowd of staffers and volunteers that OFA is “going to force [immigration reform] through the House,” adding that “I will sit with you and cry when Barack Obama signs his name on that law and millions of people come out of the shadows.” Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards was also in the house, pledging to help with more than just abortion (but mostly abortion).!/BarackObama/status/359505805889900548!/BarackObama/status/359474417597816834

The “pretend” Barack Obama is certainly excited for #ActionAugust — how about you?!/danmsnyder/status/359477780615925761!/danmsnyder/status/359479730237476864!/jdftgadsden/status/359476907382808577!/DocNelson_68W/status/359475498595790848!/funlibertarian/status/359474430600167427!/SundevilSal/status/359493501081231361!/WoodbineAnnie/status/359483279994388480!/kbr288/status/359481140479934464!/CrankyGordon/status/359479360744472578!/Eemaraalshahkur/status/359473916466561024

"Fired up! Ready to go!"
"Where are we going?"
"Uh..I dunno..just smash something!"

#ActionAugust— S.M (@redsteeze) July 23, 2013!/Rem870P/status/359470190200754176!/eriContrarian/status/359474178446987265!/kbr288/status/359471627546791936!/since1629/status/359509282321997824!/sasso333/status/359504767518642176

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